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TitleLaunch of Neurodivergent Labour ‘could be milestone in fight for rights and equality’
AuthorJohn Pring
Date14 February 2019
TextThe launch of a new user-led political organisation is set to be a “landmark event” for neurodivergent people in the Labour party. After three years of lobbying, discussions and consultation, disabled party members launched Neurodivergent Labour in central London on Saturday. Janine Booth, co-chair of the TUC disabled workers’ committee, who played a key role in its formation, told the launch event it would be “a milestone in the fight for acceptance, rights and equality for autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic and otherwise neurodivergent people through the Labour party”
PublicationDisability News Service
Created2019-02-14 8:42:30 PM