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STEP 1 - Open Article Creation main page

Figure 1: Select Article Creation Main Page

On the left-hand side of all screens there is the "Sidebar Menu". As shown in Figure 1 first open the article creation screen. This will present you with the Add New Articles main page.

The page will look like Figure 2 as shown below (it may be slightly different if new publications have been added to the list).

Add New Article Page.PNG

STEP 2 - Select a publication

Figure 3: Click on the openDemocracy image to open their website

Select the publication you wish to work on by clicking on the appropriate picture. For this user guide we have selected on the openDemocracy image as shown in Figure 3.

STEP 3 - The article creation process

Add article publication page.PNG

Having selected the openDemocracy image as shown in Figure 3 you now have the specific screen for adding articles to the wiki. The screen is broken down into several sections as shown below: