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About Byline Times[edit]

Byline Times does not intend to report the daily news cycle. That’s for others. Our aim is to concentrate on ‘what the papers don’t say’ and investigate the untold stories of modern Britain.

We will follow the story wherever it goes, without fear or favour. No PR company, advertiser or press baron can influence the stories we choose. Our integrity will come from our editorial independence.

But we are not neutral. Accurate information is the lifeblood of a democracy and, while everyone is welcome to their own opinions, you cannot have your own facts.

Accuracy also requires us to report our country more fairly. We think many communities and regions are misrepresented in the media because they are under-represented. We hope to give a voice to those not provided a platform elsewhere.

The Nasty Party has Returned and Bigotry is All it has Left

Otto English - 2 October 2019

Otto English explores the Conservative Party’s transformation into a platform for right-wing populism – and how so much has been lost as a result...See more

The Dangers of Priti Patel’s Racial Gatekeeping

Musa Okwonga - 6 October 2019

Musa Okwonga examines how politicians with immigrant backgrounds are using this identity to win popular support for regressive policies against minority groups...See more

Government Refuses to Make EU Brexit Extension into Legal Pledge

James Doleman - 4 October 2019
Boris Johnson’s Government found itself back in court today – this time refusing a request to make its Brexit extension plan into a legal order...See more