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Articles for Review

Page Title Author Date
Page Title Author Date
CF000014 Profiting from death and destruction: DSEI 2019 Lucy Nichols 4 September 2019
CM000024 The Dogs in the Street Know Craig Murray 12 September 2019
DI000005 Politics is just new history. History is just old politics. What Cromwell had to say about Johnson and Brexit disidealist 31 August 2019
DNS000109 Watchdog to launch project to fund legal actions on transport discrimination John Pring 12 September 2019
E000031 Senior Financial Times journalist appears to call out the BBC for ‘pro-Boris Johnson bias’ Tom D Rogers 5 September 2019
FINK000005 A NATION OF MURDERERS Norman Finklestein 23 August 2019
JC000018 Brexit reveals Corbyn to be the true moderate Jonathan Cook 12 September 2019
ML000020 The Campaign To Stop Corbyn – Smears, Racism And Censorship Editor 22 July 2019
MS000155 Labour considers implementing 35-hour working week by 2030 Peter Lazenby 12 September 2019
NM000037 Fuck Business, Fuck the Law, Fuck Parliament: The Descent of British Conservatism Aaron Bastani 12 September 2019
OD000127 Democracy is being dismantled by a “cabinet of horrors” – an interview with Molly Scott Cato MEP Brendan Montague 10 September 2019
RN000029 When I listen to Boris Johnson and hear Oswald Mosley David Rosenberg 10 September 2019
RR000048 Rail union warns of further weekend of chaos on Scotland's railways Alasdair Clark 30 August 2019
RR000049 SNP Twitter comment 'patronising' to supermarket workers - union official The Red Robin 5 September 2019
TLE000088 Politicians assemble: Corbyn calls on opposition MPs to block no-deal Brexit Jack Peat 23 August 2019
TLE000089 ‘Borrowing yet more money to fund their failed programme of tax cuts’ UK budget surplus misses forecasts Joe Mellor 23 August 2019
TLE000090 ‘It’s our parliament’ Corbyn tells Glasgow as hundreds of thousands of people protest suspension around UK Ben Gelblum 31 August 2019
TLE000091 Tory split widens amid reports MPs stopping no-deal Brexit barred from standing at next election for party Ben Gelblum 31 August 2019
TLE000092 Boris Johnson nothing like Churchill, says wartime PM’s sacked grandson Joe Mellor 7 September 2019
TLE000093 Cross-party MPs ‘preparing legal action’ to force Boris Johnson to delay Brexit Joe Mellor 7 September 2019
TLE000094 Tory MSP says Boris Johnson must resign if he disobeys law Joe Mellor 7 September 2019
TLE000095 Our government has invited a roll call of human rights abusers to sell them their deadly tools at DSEI Andrew Smith 3 September 2019
TLE000096 Sinn Fein willing to co-operate with pro-Remain parties to challenge DUP Jack Peat 5 September 2019
TLE000097 ‘Mean minded sect’: Former Tory PM delivers damning verdict on Johnson’s government Ben Gelblum 6 September 2019
TLE000098 Amazon pay £1 million corporation tax – despite turnover of more than £2.3 billion Jack Peat 6 September 2019
TLE000099 Yellowhammer papers reveal risk of care home closures as ‘providers fail’ Joe Mellor 12 September 2019
TLE000100 Food bank handed out 750 meals in one hour with huge 30 per cent rise in users Joe Mellor 12 September 2019
TLE000101 Over 100 arrests as protestors accuse government of supporting arms sales to known human rights abusers Ben Gelblum 12 September 2019

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