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STEP 1 - Open the Article Creation main page[edit]

Figure 1: Select Article Creation Main Page

On the left-hand side of all screens there is the "Sidebar Menu". As shown in Figure 1 first click on the Create New Article option. This will present you with the Add New Articles main page.

The page will look like Figure 2 as shown below (it may be slightly different if new publications have been added to the list).

Add New Article Page.PNG

STEP 2 - Select a publication[edit]

Figure 3: Click on the openDemocracy image to open their website

Select the publication you wish to work on by clicking on the appropriate picture. For this user guide we have clicked on the openDemocracy image as shown in Figure 3.

STEP 3 - The article creation page[edit]

Add article publication page.PNG

Having selected the openDemocracy image you now have the specific page for adding articles to the wiki as in Figure 4. The screen is broken down into several sections:

  1. Link to publication. In our example this is the openDemocracy website. If you click on the image it will open the website in a new tab. You can then look at the website and decide if there are any new articles you wish to add.
  2. Click the button "Create New openDemocracy Article" to enter details of article.
  3. Shows the previous articles added and not yet reviewed by an administrator. The latest article will always be displayed. This allows you to see what was the last article you created.
  4. Link back to the main page for creating articles as shown in figure 3. Once you have created all your articles for a given publication you select this, return back to the main page and select another publication to add articles for.

STEP 4 - Enter Article Details[edit]

  • As in Step 3.1 select the publication.
  • Select the article you wish to add and open it up
  • On the Article Add page select the Create New [publication] Article button

Add the details from the article as shown below in Figure 5:

Article entry screen.PNG

Important Note: How to add article image
The image on an article can be copied into the Article Image field by right clicking on the image. Depending on the website you will be given two different screens. The option you need to select is copy image location. See below the different screens you will see when pressing right-click on the image:

Capture Image 1.PNG Capture Image 2.PNG

You can then paste the image location into the Article Image field. If the Article does not have an image associated with it, you can select the header image for example. You can leave the field blank if no image is available.

Figure 6: Completed Entry Page

Your screen will now look like Figure 6. Click the Save button and you will return to the article entry page as shown in figure 4

STEP 5 - And finally[edit]

Figure 7: New Article added

As shown in Figure 7 the article has now been added to the Wiki. The system has allocated it a unique number(OD000101) in the example.


  • The latest addition will always appear 1st in the list
  • The example shows that a number of articles have been added. These will be removed from the list as they are reviewed by an administrator
  • The most recent article will remain in the list. This is so that when entering articles, you always know which was the last one you entered
  • You can check the article has created correctly by clicking on the article reference number for your own reassurance (not necessary as the articles are reviewed anyway)
  • The Article Image will not show if you open the article in the Wiki. This is correct. The image will display if the article is shared on social media
  • If you came to this user guide by another route, a direct link can be found on the Wiki sidebar menu under Article Management > User Guide