Manifesto 2019:Green - Economy and Energy - Levelling Up Across the Country

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Levelling Up Across the Country

Many parts of Britain would need this investment even without a climate and environmental emergency. Years of under-investment and neglect by Westminster have left too many communities feeling powerless and too many areas left behind with low- quality jobs, weak productivity and slow growth.

The climate and environmental emergency is a chance to unite the country to face this common challenge by mobilising all our national resources, both financial and human. But we will only succeed by ensuring that everyone shares in the benefits. Labour will make sure that investment is spread evenly across the whole country and will give powers and funding to every region and nation of the UK.

We will bring about a radical decentralisation of power in Britain so that local people and communities are given far greater control over their own lives and prospects.

A Local Transformation Fund in each English region will be used exclusively to fund infrastructure projects decided at a local level, as will devolved governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our Regional Development Banks will be governed by boards made up of key local stakeholders such as local chambers of commerce, trade unions and councillors – with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland empowered to make similar arrangements. They will set priorities for lending, giving every region and nation a new and powerful lever to rebuild their economy on their own terms.

We will shift the political centre of gravity by placing the National Transformation Fund Unit, a key part of the Treasury, in the North of England and build up the regional offices of government in each of the nine English regions to co-ordinate government policies at the regional level, as well as ensuring a regional voice in Whitehall.