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Britain’s thriving arts, culture and creative industries drive investments and encourage tourism.

A Labour government will open up career opportunities in these industries for everyone and consult on ways to address the gender imbalance in the digital creative industries.

We will introduce an Arts Pupil Premium to every primary school in England – a £160 million annual boost for schools to ensure creative and arts education is embedded in secondary education, and providing a pathway to grow our thriving creative sector.

We will invest in the towns and communities neglected for too long, with a £1 billion Cultural Capital Fund to transform libraries, museums and galleries across the country.

We will make the distribution of National Lottery funding more transparent to help communities get their fair share of project funding.

We will maintain free entry to museums, because everyone should have access to our shared heritage. Building on the success of the UK City of Culture, we will launch a Town of Culture competition.

We will work with trade unions and employers to make creative jobs accessible for all, ensuring diversity in these industries so that everyone sees themselves represented on screen and on stage. We will review the copyright framework to ensure fair remuneration for artists and content creators.