Manifesto 2019:Rebuild our Public Services - Fire and Rescue

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Fire and Rescue

The Conservatives have cut 11,500 firefighter jobs and closed dozens of fire stations. Response times have got slower and lives have been put at risk.

A Labour government will halt the cuts and further invest in our Fire and Rescue Service, recruiting at least 5,000 new firefighters. We will learn lessons from the public inquiries into Grenfell and earlier disasters. We will establish a broadly based implementation taskforce, but will not wait for final recommendations to make urgently needed changes. We will ensure dedicated fire controls under Fire and Rescue Service governance and provide resources for a public Fire and Rescue College to ensure that necessary training, research and planning is undertaken.

We will conduct a review of the Fire and Rescue Service, evaluating safe staffing levels and consulting on national minimum standards. We will establish in law a standards body for fire prevention, protection and intervention, with trade union representation at all levels. We will reinstate separate governance arrangements for Fire and Rescue Service and police services. We will give fire services the duty to co-ordinate the emergency response to floods locally.