Manifesto 2019:Rebuild our Public Services - NHS and Social Care - Inequalities

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Life expectancy is stalling and infant mortality rates are increasing, especially among those living in our most deprived communities.

A Labour government will target a reduction in health inequalities with a comprehensive children’s health strategy. We will introduce a Future Generations Well-being Act, enshrining health aims in all policies and a new duty for NHS agencies to collaborate with directors of public health.

We will invest more than £1 billion in public health and recruit 4,500 more health visitors and school nurses. We will increase mandated health visits, ensure new mothers can have access to breastfeeding support and introduce mental health assessments in a maternal health check six weeks after birth.

We will invest in children’s oral health, tackle childhood obesity and extend the sugar tax to milk drinks. We will ban fast-food restaurants near schools and enforce stricter rules around the advertising of junk food and levels of salt in food. We will take actions to significantly reduce infant deaths and ensure families who lose a baby receive appropriate bereavement support as well as protections at work.

The re-emergence of measles is an indictment. We will urgently put in place a vaccination action plan to regain our measles-free status in WHO listings.

We will fully fund sexual health services and roll out PrEP medication.

We will address drug-related deaths, alcohol-related health problems and the adverse impacts of gambling as matters of public health, treated accordingly in expanded addiction- support services. Alcoholic drinks will be labelled with clear health warnings. We will review the evidence on minimum pricing.

We will implement a Tobacco Control Plan and fund smoking cessation services.Bold text