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We will address the failure of the Conservatives to take effective measures against a growing problem of extreme or violent radicalisation.

We will ensure closer counter terrorism co-ordination between the police and the security services, combining neighbourhood expertise with international intelligence.

We will ensure the powers exercised by the security services are proportionate and used in accordance with human rights. We will review the circumstances requiring judicial warrant. We will ensure agencies are accountable and strengthen the powers of the Joint Intelligence and Security Committee. We will constrain the right of the Prime Minister to suppress publication of committee reports.

A Labour government will review our security strategies.

We will review the Prevent programme to assess both effectiveness and potential to alienate communities and consider alternatives including safeguarding programmes to protect those vulnerable to the recruitment propaganda and ideologies of the far-right and others who promote terror as a political strategy.

We will review the Protect programme to ensure that public authorities take appropriate security measures, without alienating the communities they serve.

We will evaluate the mobile phone trials with the aim of introducing an emergency alert system.

We will use our diplomatic services, our aid budgets and our international standing to promote peaceful solutions to conflicts and tackle the risks arising from poverty, natural catastrophes and population displacements. Our national security is linked to global threats. We will respect international law and avoid needless military interventions.

Our security co-operation arrangements with EU neighbours are essential for our safety. If the British people confirm their decision to leave, we will prioritise agreement of a new UK-EU Security Treaty.