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Social Justice Commission

Labour will usher in a new era of social justice in Britain. Everyone in our society should be allowed to flourish regardless of what class or postcode they are born into, or the colour of their skin.

But that’s impossible when you cannot meet your most basic needs and have to choose between eating and heating your home. Britain is one of the richest countries in the world, but under the Tories millions of people can’t make ends meet.

They tell us we shouldn’t care about inequality, because social mobility allows those who work hard to get on. But nobody becomes a billionaire through hard work alone, and as inequality has grown, it has become more entrenched.

For Labour, the true measure of fairness is not social mobility but social justice.

Implicit in the notion of social mobility is the idea that poverty and inequality are acceptable provided some people can climb the social ladder.

Social justice, on the other hand, demands that we end poverty, reduce inequality and create a society in which the conditions for a fulfilling life are available to everyone.

Labour will replace the Social Mobility Commission with a Social Justice Commission, based in the Treasury, with wide-ranging powers to hold us, and future governments, to account.